Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dezipcoding: Project Glocal at DiverseCity

(Part of SIF's DiverseCity)

Venue: 4.12 Gallery, Singapore Art Museum 8Q
Duration: 15Nov-2Dec 2012
14Nov (schedule and program TBA)
15Nov 9AM to 2PM SAM 8Q 4.12 Workshop/performance with Luke Ching
[for participation on the workshop please email or leave PM for Dayang Yraola on Facebook]
17Nov (schedule and program TBA)

The idea for this satellite show is to create a suitcase exhibit. A suitcase exhibit refers to a set of works that are designed to travel.  It is an exhibit that can expand or shrink its size depending on the exhibit space allocated for it. Choosing this format means that the artists and curator of Project Glocal are ready to travel, to meet more people, to expand our horizons, to involve more people in our committed conversations.  DiverseCity is an opportunity for Project Glocal to test the extent of the relationship that we forged.

The theme, coming from working title Dezipcoding, are conjoined words—decoding and zipcode.  In this show, Project Glocal is decoding zipcodes, which implies that we are not just talking about blurring boundaries; this time we are participating in the blurring.

The section devoted to Project Glocal in the SIF exhibit DiverseCity will have three types of work: new projects, on-going projects and collaborative projects.

New projects are supposedly product of the artist’s exploration of city that is part of Project Glocal other than his own. As of date the following expressed their interest to produce new works: Urich Lau, Black Baroque Committee, Mark Salvatus, Jason Wee, Song Ming Ang and Riel Hilario.

Luke Ching will bring his on-going project "Folk Art Series", a performance/workshop.

Collaborative works are also new works envisioned during conversations of Project Glocal artists in the past. Those who are currently working are:
  1. Vichaya Mukdamanee, Wantanee Siripattanuntakul, Warawut Tourawong, Rutheirat Kumsrichan and Esther Yip Lai Man
  2. Tang Kwok Hin and Mimi Tecson
  3. Tang Ling Nah, Irma Lacorte and Mark Salvatus
  4. Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy, Thosapol Boribon, Preeyachanok, Mideo Cruz and Wesley Valenzuela 
  5. Anton del Castillo and Jaffa Lam

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