Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cityzening: Communities through the arts

Communities through the arts

Intercultural communication occurs when two artists from different cultures come together to exchange verbal and non-verbal symbols. Out of that exchange can come an entirely new world of values, beliefs and experiences that enrich one’s artistic perspective and practices, producing fresh and stronger works. Such arts exchanges also connect with international publics who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage with gl obal artists and their ideas. By sharing collaborations among the arts community with the rest of the world, we promote deeper discourse on and foster cross-cultural understanding.

The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) is proud to be the main partner of Project Glocal (Manila). At the heart of the project is the cross cultural conversations, cross pollination of ideas, and the collaborative works that connect communities and deepen understanding to enrich lives.

Project Glocal was initiated by SIF programme alumna, Dayang Yraola. After the debut exhibition in Manila, Dayang will present the Singapore leg of Project Glocal at SIF’s annual showcase of the arts on 15 November 2012 at Singapore Art Museum’s 8Q. Called DiverseCity, the exhibition is a celebration of the diversity and richness of Singapore art, and the collaborative efforts between Singapore and international artists.

The SIF is proud to support its alumni in their role as ambassadors in connecting world communities through the arts. Project Glocal demonstrates the growing tapestry of relations forged among and within different communities through the arts. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition and be inspired to share your ideas for bridging world communities with us.

Jean Tan
Executive Director
Singapore International Foundation